The Alaska Relay
2018 Alaska Relay Sponsors

— June 15th - 16th, 2018 —

The 6-Pak

Having trouble getting a dozen people together? Try the 6-Pak! Form half a team, and get paired with another half team. Half the work, all the fun!

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Good Eat's & Brew

This year The Alaska Relay is providing access to an on-course meal as well as a larger venue for our Finish Line Party! The on-course meal is being offered by Trail Lake Lodge and the Finish Line food is offered by Hamajang. The beer is being offered by Bleeding Heart Brewery.

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Find A Team Or Need A Runner

Are you looking to join a team for The Alaska Relay or need a runner to fill out your team? Then this is the spot for you! We have a simple form and will help you get matched up!

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