Team Types - A Deeper Explanation

High School Team:

A High School team must consist entirely of runners who are ages 14-19 and either are in high school, entering high school as freshman, or have graduated in the current school year at time of race.

Runners can be any mix of gender, and do NOT need to be from a single high school.

Teams can be captained by a minor, but each team must have an adult age 21+ in each team vehicle during the race.

High School teams are exempted from the volunteer requirement (though are welcome to supply them anyway).

6-Pack Option:

The 6-Pack is a great option to lesse the recruiting load. A 6-pack team consists of 6 runners, who are then matched with another 6-pack team to form a full team.

Each 6-Pack will have their own captain, team name, and volunteer requirement (1 instead of 2).

The full team formed by two 6-Packs will share a team number, official time, and division classification determined by ALL 12 runners.

Each 6-Pack team will be asked if they have a preference of van 1 (legs 1-6, 13-18, etc) or van 2 and do our best to match you appropriately.

Once 6-Packs are matched, the two captains will be put in contact with each other and you are to free to coordinate and integrate your runners to whatever extent you prefer.

What if there's an odd number of 6-Packs?

In the event of an odd number of 6-pak teams, we will choose one team (probably the last to register) and offer them the following choices

1) Competing as an Ultra team at no extra cost

2) Upgrading to a full team at a discounted rate and attempting to fill out their roster on their own

3) Running casually, where they don’t get an official competitive time, but are free to run whichever legs they prefer within the time parameters of the course

4) deferring their registration and payment to a future race of their choice.