Just what is this relay you speak of?

It's a race of usually around 200 miles split into 36 segments known as legs. Teams of 12 split into two vehicles and run the legs in series, with each runner running three times. While one van is "active" on the course, the other is either cheering or resting. Every 6 legs, they switch.

That sounds familiar...

That's probably because there are many such races around the country, the more notable ones being Cascade Relays, Ragnar, and the original: Hood to Coast, which dates back to 1982.

How far will I personally run?

That depends on which set of legs you choose. Legs vary from as short as 3 miles to as long as 10. Typically each runner runs a total of 15-20 miles. Be sure to consult the Course Map and Leg Detail Sheets to choose the set right for you.

Wait, how long does this race take?

If you're a Nike elite team, you'll knock it out in under 20 hours, but most teams range from 25 to 32. While this is a "race" it's meant to be enjoyed by runners of all types and speeds.

So I'm going to have to run at night?

Well, night has a different meaning in the Alaskan summer. But yes, the relay goes all night. You'll be surprised how the energy of your team will carry you through the wee hours of the morning. As for safety, during the few hours when it is dusk or dark, runners will be required to wear reflective vests and carry flashlights and red flashers as well. This is standard for relay races across the country and the increase in visibility is tremendous.

I am not much of a runner, is this really for me?

Definitely. Runners of all abilities regularly participate in these events. Team speeds range from slow and steady 10-11 minutes per mile to the ultra sub 6 minute pace. Most teams participate for the camaraderie, spirit, and goofiness that develop in these events. You'll see themed team names, wacky costumes, even the occasional epic finish line battle. The best description we've heard was "Woodstock, running down the road."

North by Northwest Relays (NxNW) is a producer of several relay running events located in Alaska & Washington. Our races bring a great team atmosphere to running for the casual and competitive alike.

NxNW started as Alaska Relay, the first 200 mile overnight relay in the 49th State. In July 2017, after 2 years of development, the first 15 teams of 12 crazy runners ran the course from the north edge of Anchorage all the way to Seward.

Later that year, the Spokane to Sandpoint Relay (S2S) in Washington was acquired and NxNW was formed.