The AKR Crew wants you to have a fun and safe experience particpating in this relay. So we want you to be as prepared as possible for this adventure. To be prepared you will need a few supplies, some equipment you probably already own, some you might need to buy and some stuff to print out. It is not all gear and printing though... there is some fun too... this is where we hide the information on in race contests!

At check-in on the day of the race each team will be required to present ALL of the following items:

  • A Reflective Vest For Each Team Member
  • 2 Working Flashlights Or Headlamps
  • 2 Working Colored Runner Tail Lights
  • Signed Waiver Sheet For All Runners AND Drivers
  • A Copy Of Our Race Guide (Either Printed Or Downloaded To A Tablet)
We are typing furiously to get all of the waivers, forms and maps done!

Light Up The Twilight

This contest was an idea of our photographer and graphics guy who came up with it after trying to photograph runners through the night in 2017 and wanting LIGHTS!!! The contest takes place during legs 18 and 19 and should be a Alaska summer night run if you have estimated your team's average pace fairly close to what you actually race. Competitors who compete in this contest literally become a running light show during the 6.80 amd 4.05 mile legs. Use lights any way you can to make yourself look like a "glowing runner" that will light up the twilight. Be as creative as you want, but your light arrangement can't interfere with the vision of oncoming traffic. No fireworks or pyrotechnics of any type are permitted during this leg for safety reasons.

The Grand Prize is... well we are working on that still. Whether your team enters this contest or not, you still have to abide by The Alaska Relay night running rules (flashlight/headlamp, reflective vest and flashing red light on back).

Further information coming soon!