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Start Times will be assigned June 4th. Times are based on your team's TOTAL average pace, so be sure all your runners update their 10k time as the race approaches. Start times will range from 8am to noon on Friday morning.

Check in: Thursday June 14th from 4-7pm at Anchorage Ale House. Be sure to have your waivers, race guide, and safety gear with you. You can also check in at the Start Line. Be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes before your assigned start time.

In The Event Of Emergency Call 911

Safety is our number one priority. We ask that all teams please take appropriate precautions to ensure a fun and safe event. Please help us keep the race safe by focusing on being safe runners and safe support crews. Below are some basic guidelines and rules to help us all have a safe race.

Run Against Traffic And On Proper Surfaces

Runners are to run on the left shoulder of all roads (against traffic), using sidewalks or trails when available, unless signs or maps direct otherwise.

Be Aware of Traffic and Obey Traffic Laws

Runners are to understand that they do not have exclusive use of the roadway and are required to obey all traffic laws. This includes stopping at traffic lights.

Personal Music Devices and Headphones

The use of personal music devices with headphones while running is strongly discouraged. If you still choose to use them, you do so at your own risk and must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be able to hear traffic and aware of sounds around you.
  • You must be able to hear instructions from course officials when speaking at a reasonable tone (not yelling).
  • When running you should be able to hear you own footsteps, if you can’t your volume is too high.

Violations will be given out if you are unable to hear instructions. Three violations on any safety rule will result in disqualification for your entire team.

Running & Participating at Night (11:00H-0400H)

The following nighttime rules have been developed to help ensure the safety of ALL participants.

  • ALL runners must wear night gear during the Official Nighttime Hours: Reflective Vest, Headlamp (or flashlight) and Blinking LED Tailight.
  • ALL participants must wear reflective vests during the Official Nighttime Hours if out of the team van anywhere on the course, including exchanges. If you choose to have a van driver, who is not a runner, the driver must also adhere to these safety guidelines.


This is Alaska, and wildlife on the course is a reasonable possibility even in Anchorage. Be aware of your surroundings! If you encounter wildlife:

  • Stay Calm. Take appropriate steps to avoid provoking the animal, including giving it space and making yourself obvious as appropriate. DO NOT APPROACH A MOOSE THAT IS ON YOUR PATH OR ROAD.
  • If the animal is not moving away from the course, or is showing aggression, get your runner off the road and into your support vehicle. The vehicle should drive ahead and let the runner out at a safe and reasonable distance ahead of the wildlife to continue their leg. Keep track of how far your van drives ahead (or portion of trail missed) by .10 of miles as well as the time between pickup and drop off. We will take adjust your team’s time accordingly. Only teams that have taken accurate notes will be given official times.
  • If an encounter happens on a path away from road support, the runner should call their team and if needed head to the nearest road access point.
  • Once the runner is safe immediately notify race officials of any large animal spotted on the course, whether you move your runner or not.

Van Skip & Double Leg

At two points on the course, we will be skipping ground. Leg 12 ends (for van 2) at Potter Marsh, at which point Van 1’s runner for leg 13 will be immediately released from Bird Creek Trailhead via phone. Van 1 should be waiting at Bird Creek BEFORE Van 2 finishes leg 12.

Legs 15 & 16 are the same leg, an out and back in Girdwood. Normal procedure will be for teams to send both runners out simultaneously. They can run together or at their individual paces—each will be timed separately. The runner departing on leg 17 will go once BOTH runners have completed the Girdwood loop.

The second leap at Moose Pass will be done in person. Unless otherwise directed, please have Van 2 wait for Van 1 in Moose Pass and then head to the start of leg 31 after your runner arrives. Times will be noted for incoming runner and outgoing runner to give each team a precise Official Time.

Fast/Slow Teams

If a team is going significantly faster then projected, we will use advantageous parts of the course to slow down or speed up that team without affecting the team’s actual official time. The purpose is to ensure that no team gets too far ahead or behind the rest of the race. These will be implemented at Girdwood and Moose Pass and all time notations will be handled by race staff to ensure accurate Official Times.

Only Sleep In Designated Sleeping Areas

While the race goes all night, most of us don’t. If looking for a place outside your vehicle to sleep, we strongly suggest using exchanges 18 & 24 where you can safely spread out away from other vehicles. DO NOT SLEEP ON THE GROUND OF AN EXCHANGE PARKING AREA.

Alcohol (And Other Controlled Substances)

Like pretty much everywhere in this country, it is a crime in Alaska to drive impaired by alcohol or any other substance. It is also a crime to “drive a motor vehicle on a highway or vehicular way or area” with an open container in the vehicle. Any team caught breaking these laws will be immediately disqualified. Make it easy and save the party for the Finish Line!

Respect Local Residents & Communities

While traveling through the local communities, please remember we are guests and you should treat all residents with courtesy and respect. Going out of your way to thank locals will go a long way in helping the event return each year. The following “Do Not’s” are not intended to cover the broad spectrum of issues, so use common sense and courtsey while in residential areas.

  • Do not honk horns or yell out vehicle windows during evening, night, and morning hours (9pm – 8am) while in residential areas.
  • Do not block any residential or business driveways.
  • Do not impede traffic by driving too slowly or by not properly pulling vehicle over to the side of the road when stopping.

Vehicle Restrictions

A typical team van will be carrying 6 runners (and if you’re lucky, a designated driver), so choose your vehicle to fit your needs of comfort vs economy (if you REALLY want to use a Mustang, we won’t say no). We restrict what vehicles may be used on our course to maintain safe parking situations at ALL EXCHANGES.

  • ACCEPTABLE: any standard passenger vehicle up to a 15 passenger van. This includes Sprinters and truckbed campers.
  • MOTOR HOMES (Class A & C): We will allow Motor Homes as NON-ACTIVE VEHICLE. This means it will be allowed at the Major exchanges (6, 12B, 18, 24, & 30) but not minor exchanges. You will still need a regular vehicle for your active van.
  • TOWED TRAILERS: Not allowed anywhere on our course.

Park Only in Designated Areas

Some exchanges have limited parking and in some cases teams may be required to park along road shoulders. In the event of roadside parking, team vehicles are not allowed to park on the same side of the road 500 feet before and after the exchange. After the exchange point, vehicles can park at any legal roadside that does not impede racers or traffic. Team vehicles should always stay to the right of the white fog-line when parked along the road.

Injured Runners During Race: Only Applies If Team Wishes To Remain Competitive.

In the event of an injury, any of the remaining runners can replace the injured runner. With the exception of the leg in which the runner was injured, legs cannot be split in pieces. For example, if runner 3 is injured half way through his or her first leg, any member of the team may complete the leg for him or her. Those legs can be filled with different runners, or one can fill in the remaining legs. A 13th member is not allowed to join the team in order to run the remaining legs.

No Support Areas

Vans can stop to cheer on teammates at any legal spot along the race route that does not obstruct runners or traffic, AND THAT IS NOT DESIGNATED A NO-SUPPORT STRETCH.

Van Communication

Once teams leave Turnagain Arm, phone coverage will get spotty. AT&T customers will lose service at exchange 18, from roughly exchanges 21 to 26, and 30B to 33. GCI’s coverage map shows the whole highway, but it may be spotty as well. Have a plan for connecting with your other van without phone communication.

Pacing and Cyclists

Runners may be accompanied by a pacer, either a teammate or an additional support person (van driver for example). Pacing may be done by a cyclist ONLY on legs 3 thru 9, 13, & 14. Bicycles are not allowed anywhere else on the course. Any pacer, including cyclists, must wear all necessary nighttime visibility gear if during night hours (a bicycle’s lights are acceptable).


We are providing you with trash bags for your vans. Please carry your trash with you to designated collection points.